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#dknyhunt in New York and London receives Twitter love

22 Apr

I love @dkny! Last night I came home to see my twitter stream flooded with @dkny’s tweets and the hashtag #dknyhunt. It turns out, DKNY was hosting an Easter #dknyhunt in New York and London.


15 clues were tweeted from the account…


And the answers flowed right in… 


And before you know it, the hunt ended with a tie.  


#dknyhunt is lively, fun and entertaining. I’m in Malaysia, reading the tweets and not able to take part, but it still managed puts a smile on my face. I can feel the excitement of the participants! 

I gotta say, DKNY has been playing their social media cards right. @dkny is very engaging and she definitely knows what her followers like. She tweets about her life as a PR girl in New York, behind-the-scene scoops from DKNY and host campaigns like this! She has to-date accumulated over 300,000 followers. 

I am looking forward to more fun twitter campaigns from @dkny. Keep ‘em coming! :D


Feed your inner narcissism with a parade by your Twitter followers

25 Feb


Just type in your twitter handle and IS Parade will showcase a parade of your twitter followers and some of their tweets while worshipping you. You can also type in a specific keyword to see a stream of tweets on a certain topic. 


Isn’t this fun?! 

You can also zoom in to a specific follower to see their latest tweet or to be directed to their twitter profile or to see their parade! 

It’s super cool and will definitely put a smile on your face as you watch a digital parade unfold in your honour ;)

Malaysia’s Prime Minister @NajibRazak is now responding on Twitter

18 Feb

Malaysian Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Haji Mohd. Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak created his twitter account @NajibRazak more than two years ago.


He had an account even earlier than me! 


However, Dato’ Sri was always criticised for non-engagements. He tweets about his whereabouts…


… and some official statements…



… but he never responded to any tweets.

Until 11 Feb 2011.


Once twitterers saw the first tweet, a few asked if he is really responding. Including yours truly. To which he promptly replies.


I think the fact that his reply was immediate (barely a minute after) could mean either one of these three things. 

1) It’s not him, it’s his SM manager. Why would my Prime Minister be so free that he is able to respond to tweets immediately?

2) It IS him, and he really do not have a lot of work to do. (It’s called delegation you twat) 

3) He’s stuck in a jam. It IS Malaysia, after all. 

Regardless, he’s been keeping up with the engagement exercise one week after the first reply-tweet.


All I can say is, at least he’s trying. I’m not sure (I doubt it actually) if this will help those against BN to start supporting him, but it’s a step. If this engagement exercise is to work magic, he’s gotta take criticisms and suggestions tweeted to him and actually IMPLEMENT things or at least put it up for proper discussion.

You want to listen to your rakyat? That’s fantastic. I salute you for that. But don’t just listen and not take any actions. Then you’d just be wasting your time (or your SM manager’s time) with all the tweets.

Best of luck!