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Would +1′d be a new word?

1 Apr

Finally, Google rolled out it’s +1 feature that has been rumoured for the past few months. 

The +1 button will be an easy way to recommend content right from the search results pages. At the moment, it’s only applicable to (not and ability to add a +1 button to your site will be coming soon. 


I +1′d Google Maps!


If you want to try out the feature, activate it here

Demo Slampionship – 16 demos, 1 slampion

18 Feb

When Google launched Demo Clam October last year, I had a lot of fun watching some pretty cool videos like these ones.

Two days ago, Google announced Demo Slampionship on their blog where there will be 16 Demo Slams competing against each other in an elimination tournament.

Remember to head over to Demo Slam to vote for your favourite!