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#lousangtwtup at Ritz Carlton 27 Jan 2012 – win a free seat!

16 Jan

This is the third #lousangtwtup and the second one that I’m co-hosting.  This year, my partner-in-crime is none other than Chris Tock (again). We have organised a few previous twitter gatherings such as #twtclub, #twtclublaundry and #lousangtwtup  last year alongside April Yim and Rachel Foong. Check out the video that Evo made.

This year we started the planning slightly bit earlier and managed to pre-purchase 4 tables at Ritz Carlton for an 8-course meal with yee sang!

#lousangtwtup @ Ritz


The price per pax is only RM45 for such a high-class place so we’re really excited. At the moment, we already have 25 RSVPs and we are expecting more than 40 people to show up. Those who would like to secure a seat at RM45, you’ll need to bank in the money to either Chris or myself and after the 40 seats have been filled, others will have to pay RM50++ per person.

To RSVP, please head over to our twtvite page and get in touch with us through Twitter/Facebook/Email/Phone to pass us to money to confirm your seat.

Last but not least, this year, Chris and I are feeling rather generous so we’ll each be giving out one free seat!

Just tell me why you’d like to join us for #lousangtwtup this year in the comment box, (ass-kissing answers like ‘Cos I wanna see you’ will not be entertained. I’m looking at you, Mike Yip :p) and the most creative answer as judged by me will win a seat!

This contest will end 19 Jan, 12am. Good luck!


Birthday wishes!

26 Sep

Facebook birthday wish

Aww I’m so pleased! Just 11am and I already have 80 birthday wishes on my wall! Times like this, Facebook rocks! ;p

I apparently also received a birthday wish via an email from Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs.

Birthday wish from Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs

I wonder how did he get my email address and my birthdate. Who is selling my data?!

A super adorable interview with a one-year-old

12 Aug

Wanna sing along to your favourite songs on YouTube?

24 Feb

First of all, did you know the existence of


It’s a fabulous way to search for original soundtracks and videos on YouTube if you’re not into the one million and one different covers that are posted by users. 

Once you’ve found the songs you’re looking for, wouldn’t it be great if you could sing along? Unfortunately, you’d need to memorise the lyrics to do that huh?  

What did you say? You can find videos with lyrics on YouTube? 

Well I know that. But they come with horrid visuals. Wouldn’t it be great if you can watch the original video AND sing along? 

Introducing YouTube Music Video Lyrics chrome extension. 


Watch your favourite videos and sing away! (Maybe not in the office k?)


10 Couples, 3 Questions (Valentine’s Day Special Project)

14 Feb

@PD_Ren made this video as a pet project and posted it on Jan 27th 2011 without much fanfare. He just shared the post on Facebook with a few friends, and before he knew it, the video had been viewed over 10,000 times on YouTube. 

Today, on 14th Feb, Valentine’s Day, the video is reaching 50,000 views!

Spread the love and turn the video viral internationally! <3 

Did you sin? Need to confess but you don’t have time for church?

10 Feb

No worries! iPhone is here for the rescue!

For just USD1.99, you may purchase Confession: A Roman Catholic App from iTunes. It is described as “the perfect aid for every penitent”.


What’s even more interesting about this app is that it received blessings from both UK and US senior chuch officials.

According to Reuters, the app is not designed to replace going to confession but to help Catholics through the act, which generally involves admitting sins to a priest in a confessional booth. Catholics still must go to a priest for absolution.


The app will also allow you to keep track of your sins. That’s right. You may have confessed, but you shall not forget.


More of this on BBC News.

Could you possibly do nothing for 2 minutes?

25 Jan

You feel restless, angry, annoyed and your boss just sent you an email requesting for something to be placed on his desk yesterday. Feel like exploding? 

Don’t. Zen is the word.

Calm yourself down by doing nothing for 2 minutes and just listen to the soothing sounds of the waves. 


I tried, and failed. The sound does calm me down a little bit, but I don’t think I’m capable of doing nothing for 2 minutes. 


But once you succeed (I stayed put so I can screencapture it for this – need an end goal) you get a pat on the back.