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Birthday wishes!

26 Sep

Facebook birthday wish

Aww I’m so pleased! Just 11am and I already have 80 birthday wishes on my wall! Times like this, Facebook rocks! ;p

I apparently also received a birthday wish via an email from Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs.

Birthday wish from Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs

I wonder how did he get my email address and my birthdate. Who is selling my data?!

Nasi Lemak 2.0

22 Sep

I decided to watch this movie after James (@warbaby) said that it’s a ‘must-watch movie’.

Nasi Lemak 2.0 movie poster

After the first 10 minutes, my thoughts were ‘This is a movie that people gave rave reviews for? Are you for real?’

Then after the initial letdown, the good stuff came ;)

The movie is about a Chinese cook, Hero Huang, who is a bit of a racist. He finds Malay cuisine unhygienic and that Chinese people must support other Chinese people. Of course, a chain of events turn him into a better man when the movie concludes but his journey was definitely entertaining.

The movie was hilarious throughout, with a lot of scenarios which carry hidden meanings. (Well, I believe so anyways) For example, there was a scene where all the students were wearing bright yellow jackets and then there was also a Han Tu Ya (Hang Tuah) character with dark skin (Reshmonu) who saved Hero Huang and that sparked off a conversation where Hero Huang wondered why didn’t he wear sunblock. (If you didn’t already know, there are speculations that Hang Tuah is actually Chinese)

The thing that I find the movie could do without, is the surreal/magical element. There were flying vegetables, flying to locations, etc. I suppose it makes the movie entertaining, but I’ve never been one who likes elements like these in a modern present day setting. If it’s a fantasy movie like Harry Potter or Narnia, then yes, by all means fly away. But present day Star Trek teleporting don’t cut it for me.

Verdict: 9/10. It was perfect, expect for the flying part ;p

The cast was good, script was excellent and innuendoes were well placed.

If you haven’t watched it, please do!

PS: For the next few weeks, or maybe even months, I would be saying ‘Muak Muak’ as greetings and as farewells. You’ll get the joke after you watch the movie. And trust me, you’ll most likely cringe during the scenes >.<

A super adorable interview with a one-year-old

12 Aug

New Kid on the Block – Empire Avenue

5 May

Empire Avenue

What is Empire Avenue?

Empire Avenue (EAv) is the Social Media Exchange. It allows you to buy each others’ shares, earn virtual dividends, and earn virtual currencies by being active in your social networks.

It is definitely more fun than the other stock exchange games because you can buy the shares of people you actually know (or know of). A person’s share price increases and decreases according to their social network activities. The more active they are, the higher their share price will be.

Social gaming has been on the rise and we have heard plenty of success stories such as Zynga but to actually incorporate social media activities outside of the game into the game, that is just a brilliant move.

This feeds our inner narcissism and like I said before, we ALL have narcissistic instincts in us. I feel a sense of satisfaction when a stranger buys my shares. It shows that they believe my value will rise. I’m actually valuable! *Score!* (If you tell me you don’t feel the same way, you’re just lying to yourself)

Empire Avenue has been around since 2009, but only began to pick up momentum recently after influencers like Robert Scoble, Jeremiah Owyang, Brian Solis and the likes started actively participating in the platform. Several brands such as Ford and AT&T have also decided that Empire Avenue is worth their investment.

Chris Pirillo, an online personality will tell you in more details why you should take a dip in the Empire Avenue ocean in this video. His share price is also going up, so you better invest in him quick! (I bought some of his shares when he was priced at 70+ Eaves, now he’s reaching 140 Eaves!)


Will Empire Avenue give Klout and Peer Index a run for their money? 

I don’t really think so.

True, your share price could indicate your influence level, but because of the nature of the game where you are encouraged to chat and post messages in your communities, players are doing ‘purchase swap’ where ‘if you buy some of my shares, I’ll buy some of yours’. I do not find this a fair indication of a person’s influence level.

Although your activitiy in social networks play a big part in determining your prices, but there are too many loopholes where a person can game the system.

So I should ignore Empire Avenue then

No. Although I don’t think Empire Avenue would be taking over Klout and Peer Index’s role as the influence metric but it does help to give an indication of how influential a person is. When you click on a user’s profile, you will be able to see his share price, as well as the scores of all the social networks he linked to. The value that Empire Avenue has over Klout and Peer Index is that Empire Avenue links to almost all social networks while Klout, for example, only links to Facebook and Twitter.

Should businesses invest time and effort into this? 

Why not? I always believe in experimenting. If you adopt a wait and see stance, then you will be late to the game. And hey, if Ford thinks this is good enough for them, it should be good enough for you.

Sign up for an account now and book your ticker quick cause you wouldn’t want this to happen to your brand.



Remember to invest in me once you’ve signed up! Check out my chart. It’s a steady rise!

And this is what Daniel Cerventus, a local influencer, has to say.


I promise I’ll be a good investment ;) See you at Empire Avenue!

A new mayor in Southeast Asia – Foursquare

26 Apr

[Update: Mashable posted a really useful step-by-step How To article on marketing on Foursquare]


Foursquare rocks!

I’ve been told “I don’t need people knowing where I am at all times” when I talk about Foursquare.

Now, people who say this, don’t get it. Foursquare is not meant as a platform to broadcast your whereabouts for no reason. There is a reason. There is definitely a valid reason. Very valid. I’m sorry what were we talking about again? 

Truth be told, when I’m asked why do I check-in, I can’t give a logical answer. It just seems like the right thing to do. Especially if we’re at a social networking event like Foursquare Day or conferences. Maybe I want to feed my narcissistical nature. (Of COURSE my friends care where I am at all times) Plus, I want to earn those badges! 

“So what happens when you get all those virtual badges? Do they send you real ones?” 

“No. I just get the virtual ones”

“So you get nothing”

“Well I get the badges”

“Then what’s the point?!”

HELLO!! Bragging rights! I’ve heard “OMG how’d you get that badge?!” while the badge owner was smiling smugly so many times during tweetups. 


If you’re not convinced that Foursquare is important, check out the stats for yourself. 

Foursquare in South-East Asia: Statistics, Culture & Marketing View more presentations from Oliver Woods 

So then what does this mean to businesses?

Foursquare is here to conquer and rule! They know how to play their cards right, and dive deep to unlock that evil narcissist that resides in each and every one of us. Businesses should leverage on Foursquare’s success (well to a certain extent, brands and businesses drive the success of Foursquare as well) and promote their businesses through Foursquare’s ‘Special’. 

Businesses would be required to sign up with Foursquare and claim their venue before they can set up a ‘Special’. After that, businesses will be able to view their Venue Stats and learn a little bit more about their customers (what time to do they normally come, which day, etc)

If you’re a business and would like to join in the Foursquare craze, just head over to to sign up, find your business/venue and claim it and you can start setting up your foursquare Special!   

#dknyhunt in New York and London receives Twitter love

22 Apr

I love @dkny! Last night I came home to see my twitter stream flooded with @dkny’s tweets and the hashtag #dknyhunt. It turns out, DKNY was hosting an Easter #dknyhunt in New York and London.


15 clues were tweeted from the account…


And the answers flowed right in… 


And before you know it, the hunt ended with a tie.  


#dknyhunt is lively, fun and entertaining. I’m in Malaysia, reading the tweets and not able to take part, but it still managed puts a smile on my face. I can feel the excitement of the participants! 

I gotta say, DKNY has been playing their social media cards right. @dkny is very engaging and she definitely knows what her followers like. She tweets about her life as a PR girl in New York, behind-the-scene scoops from DKNY and host campaigns like this! She has to-date accumulated over 300,000 followers. 

I am looking forward to more fun twitter campaigns from @dkny. Keep ‘em coming! :D


Sometimes all we need is a detox. A social media detox.

19 Apr

Column Five came up with an infographic to determine whether you need a detox

Would +1′d be a new word?

1 Apr

Finally, Google rolled out it’s +1 feature that has been rumoured for the past few months. 

The +1 button will be an easy way to recommend content right from the search results pages. At the moment, it’s only applicable to (not and ability to add a +1 button to your site will be coming soon. 


I +1′d Google Maps!


If you want to try out the feature, activate it here

Meet Ford’s new spokesperson, Doug

29 Mar

Ford has been churning out some pretty successful marketing campaigns in the recent years such as Ford Fiesta Movement.

Their latest campaign involves a new spokesperson, Doug, an orange puppet. He is witty, borderline rude and at times incredibly stupid, which works to draw the attention of viewers. 

Check out Doug’s first appearance in a press conference. He’s a smooth talker, that one. 


How to achieve Enchantment – the art of changing hearts, minds and actions

14 Mar

The new book by Guy Kawasaki has received rave reviews from various media and this is a sneak peak for those who have not bought it yet.

Enchantment Infographic

I’m gonna get my hands on one soon!