Believe in the power of Gratitude

30 Nov

This is something I’ve been practising for a while and I’ve had a gratitude journal for over a year now. I don’t write in it as frequently as I should, but I do at least a few times a month and I constantly think of all abundance that I have and give a quick thanks to the power above.

Give it a try. It might just turn  your life around ;)

The Power Of Gratitude And Why Thanksgiving Truly Matters


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Reminder to be strong

20 Nov

Quote on Forgiveness by Mahatma Gandhi

Going Natural

15 Nov

I don’t mean naked-natural, but I’m trying to incorporate as much natural-ness into my life as possible.

Natural Living

Natural Living

This whole ‘going natural’ idea came about when I started using a new product on my hair called argan oil. My hair became softer and looked great, and so I did some research on it. Turns out, it’s best to use pure argan oil on its own, instead of using some chemical products with argan oil as an ingredient so I bought some pure argan oil online and voila! After 3 months or so using pure argan oil, my hair is softer and no longer as dry as it used to be.

I also found out that I can use it as facial moisturiser and some blogs shared homemade skincare recipes containing argan oil. From there, I found out more recipes on how to make your own homemade skincare products which are free from chemicals. I was sold. I made the decision that I shall learn how to make my own skincare products. Most of the ingredients are already available from the kitchen anyways such as olive oil, honey and oats.

But before I could create a whole range of products, I figured I should clear out my current products and start buying natural products first. I went on a window shopping spree to check out all the ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ skincare products in the market, and as the online articles suggest, most of them still use harmful chemical ingredients such as SLS and parabens. So I suppose I don’t have much choice but to get my hands dirty and make my own.

The thing about these chemical substances, it does not only harm your own body, but it harms the environment too. As we wash the products off our body, it goes into our drains and then to the sea. You see the cycle here?

What it does to the body is even more scary. It seems that whatever we put on our skin could potentially harm us more than if we eat them. They are absorbed directly into our bloodstream without any filter such as the enzymes we have in our body to help us break down the food we eat. The thing we must remember is that what we put ON ourselves, ends up being IN us. Our skin is not a barrier that separates the outside world from our internal body. Our skin is PART of our body which also happens to be the largest organ we have. And when you apply chemical products on your skin, you are essentially applying toxic to your body.

After reading all of this, I went ahead and bought some raw ingredients to make my own products. After about RM600 spent, I’ve managed to come up with a few stuff :D

My whole skincare range of products now consists of natural ingredients, my shampoo and leave-in conditioner are natural and I’m still trying to figure out how to make hair conditioner, lip balm and facial mask. Whatever that I couldn’t manage to make on my own yet, such as facial wash and lip balm, I make sure I purchase products with natural ingredients only. I started learning about the types of ingredients to avoid and read all the labels before I buy products now.

Did I manage to make you reconsider your skincare/bathroom products now? I hope I did. My hair is healthier and my skin is clearer too. And Mother Earth will thank you for it too.

Also, you know how one thing usually leads to another? Well, research on all these natural products led me to finding out more about the effect of food (or rather, processed food) on our body. And so now I’m changing my diet so that my body is healthier too. But I’ll talk about that in another post. That’s one loooong story.

‘Apologetic’ Press Statement by Madam Listen

22 Jan

Press statement by Madam Listen. Kudos to her, she started it with humour. But here comes the criticisms.

1. “This forgiveness is also extended to those whom had jumped into the bandwagon and hurled harsh words towards me”
- Erm, it’s OK. Not looking for your forgiveness.

2. “The harsh insensitive, vulgar bla bla … is aimed to damage my reputation and damage the credibility of my NGO SW1M.”
- No need to state the obvious. We kinda want you to never speak in public again.

3. “I appeal to the Malaysian public not to let yourself to be entrapped in the game of hatred created for some, by some, for whatsoever reason behind it”
- Regardless of whatever political agenda the opposition now has, thanks to you, nobody influenced me to hate you. I hate you by stumbling upon the video that some friends shared, and hearing the words coming out of your mouth, which you obviously do not feel remorseful for. You still believe what you did was right, and instead of apologising to the ‘young girl’, you ‘forgave’ her. So no, I’m not entrapped. I very much hate you on my own free will.

3. “The only party whom deserves my sincere apology”, as if an afterthought, she added, “besides other people, is UUM”
- No comment necessary.

4. “totally out of my control by way of irresponsible people turning it into a catastrophe”
- But you don’t get it. YOU turned it into a catastrophe. What irresponsible people? Your NGO uploaded the video!

5. “careless individuals had successfully created.. by modifying it into a serious issue, creating hatred among the Malaysian students and others towards me, personally, with no strong reason”
- Are you high? Nobody modified anything and it IS a serious issue. Asking the ‘young girl’ to move to other countries. Comparing us to dogs and cats. Nobody else created the hatred towards you personally. YOU created the hatred we have towards you.

6. “unanimously created to evade current greater issues such as blatant abuse of the rights involving students, women and children with regards to street demonstration and criminal related offences…”
- I’m sure when those people created parodies, all they could think about was to divert attention away from all those issues. Including Selangor’s water issue. That’s what they were trying to do.

7. “Let’s heal the nation. Stop the game of hatred here and now.”
- By us not hating you, wouldn’t heal the nation la. You really think you’re a big shot celebrity?

8. “I hereby apologise to the people of Malaysia on the phenomenon Listen, which was intentionally caused by irresponsible entity and in which was totally out of my control, whereby the said video was used to turn Malaysians in rage, attacking me personally.”
- I think, Madam Listen, it was the content – which was within your control since you said those words yourself – which turned Malaysians in rage. It has nothing to do with any ‘irresponsible entity’ intentionally doing anything. At most, the opposition (yes, we know who you’re referring to) rode on it. And who can blame them, you sent it to their doorstep. I think you should apologise to BN for using 1M in your NGO’s name and now causing them grief.

9. “…the students of Malaysia which was somehow manipulated in this issue”
- Somehow manipulated. Heh.

VISA is sending a lucky winner to Thailand!

28 Feb

I’ve never been to Thailand :( I’ve heard about shopping in Bangkok, partying in Koh Samui and beach holidays in Phuket, but I’ve never been to Thailand. Yet. Well I do hope that VISA will send me there. To stand a chance to win a trip to Thailand, all you need to do is watch this video below, answer a simple (really, ridiculously easy) question and then tell them why you would want to visit Thailand and voila! You’re in the running to win it! Click here for contest details! Good luck!

Hotel deals in Asia

24 Feb

I have travelled to Singapore for business purposes 11 times in the past 18 months and I’ll be going on my 12th trip next week. So far, I have never extended my stay for leisure cause, well, it’s Singapore. It’s just a cleaner version of KL.

This trip though, I’ve decided to stay over an extra night, catch up with some friends and visit that bloody casino that everyone talks about.

So I was quite happy to hear my ex-PR boss mentioned to me today about this sales site for hotels in Asia.

Oh, you mean Groupon for hotels?

He shot me an incredulous look that he always does when I say… almost any thing at all actually. I think he secretly thinks I’m psychotic. He said I constantly sound surprised. -.-”

It’s not Groupon!!

So drama.

So what is it?

He gave me that look again.

It’s like for hotels and stuff.


Turns out he was right to be dramatic. It wasn’t a group buying site. It was a flash sale site called HotelClub. They have this scoring system where they’ll take into account the demand for a particular location, vacancy and hotel reviews to determine a Sale offer and the deal for the hand-picked international hotel will only be available for 24 hours. I suppose it works for our kiasu mentality la. “If don’t buy now we’ll miss it!”

This site was originally from Australia but they saw a high demand in Asia and decided to launch here too. Woo-hoo for us!

Unfortunately, today’s deal is for Vietnam and not Singapore :( But they’ve still got cheaper prices for hotel rooms with a really easy to navigate site! I love how I can expand to view photos, description and reviews without having to load another page! Kudos to that!

I think I’ve found the hotel I’ll book but I won’t be publicising it here in case anyone decides to stalk me.


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17 Jan

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#lousangtwtup at Ritz Carlton 27 Jan 2012 – win a free seat!

16 Jan

This is the third #lousangtwtup and the second one that I’m co-hosting.  This year, my partner-in-crime is none other than Chris Tock (again). We have organised a few previous twitter gatherings such as #twtclub, #twtclublaundry and #lousangtwtup  last year alongside April Yim and Rachel Foong. Check out the video that Evo made.

This year we started the planning slightly bit earlier and managed to pre-purchase 4 tables at Ritz Carlton for an 8-course meal with yee sang!

#lousangtwtup @ Ritz


The price per pax is only RM45 for such a high-class place so we’re really excited. At the moment, we already have 25 RSVPs and we are expecting more than 40 people to show up. Those who would like to secure a seat at RM45, you’ll need to bank in the money to either Chris or myself and after the 40 seats have been filled, others will have to pay RM50++ per person.

To RSVP, please head over to our twtvite page and get in touch with us through Twitter/Facebook/Email/Phone to pass us to money to confirm your seat.

Last but not least, this year, Chris and I are feeling rather generous so we’ll each be giving out one free seat!

Just tell me why you’d like to join us for #lousangtwtup this year in the comment box, (ass-kissing answers like ‘Cos I wanna see you’ will not be entertained. I’m looking at you, Mike Yip :p) and the most creative answer as judged by me will win a seat!

This contest will end 19 Jan, 12am. Good luck!


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14 Jan

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My year in review – 2011

27 Dec


I came across a tweet by David Wang, a fellow twitterer and good friend, with a link about reviewing your past year.

I thought about it for a while and think that it is probably a wiser thing to do than creating resolutions I have consistently failed to accomplish over the last few years. Reviewing your past year will probably put some things into perspective as well.

So here I go. (I’m using the free worksheet shared by Benny Hsu. You should do yours too!)


10 greatest things that happened in the past year: (Oh boy, this ought to be tough)

1. Quit my job and registered a sole proprietorship

2. Landed a few awesome, awesome clients

3. Started going to the gym (although not as regularly as I’d like) and have started seeing some results

4. Came across a self-help book (Excuse me, your life is waiting) that taught me to vibrate at a happier frequency so that I attract positive things into my life (which I think has worked wonders)

Damn I’m stuck at 4! Gotta make sure the list is longer next year!


I am most proud of these three accomplishments from last year.

1. Registered a sole proprietorship and declared myself a self-employed person at the age of 25 *woots*

2. Increased my earnings

3. Learned to be more patient and have significantly reduced swearing / getting angry


Three great things I’ve learned from last year:

1. There is almost always a silver lining to every single bad thing that happens. You just need to be patient and open your eyes to see it.

2. You learn so much more and so much faster when you push yourself forward and accept challenges instead of saying ‘I don’t think I can do it’. Don’t think. Just do!

3. When you realise there’s something you want, fight for it. No one else is gonna do it for you.


Three personal developments I have made in the past year:

1. I am paying more attention to my health. Although I still eat a lot of junk food, I have increased my intake of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. I have also started taking more supplements.

2. I am exercising more regularly. Although sometimes I could not fit gym into my schedule, I do squats, push-ups and when desperate for time just mild stretching at home.

3. I have learned to be less angry. There used to be a time when I would be all riled up and curse at anything that was in my way. When a driver in front of me is ridiculously slow, or there’s a road bully, or it decides to rain just as I’m making my way out, I find myself calm and remind myself that it’s OK. Life goes on. Sometimes, I surprise myself at how carefree I feel lately.


If I could do things again last year, I would do these three things differently:

1. There is nothing I would change except for one. And that is not suitable for public consumption :p


Three things I need to do less of in the next year are:

1. Work. Hahaha. I think it is high time I delegate and focus on strategy rather than the nitty-gritty details. Sometimes I find myself working an entire week without reading one article at all. In a fast-paced world that we are in now, keeping myself abreast of the trend is important. Would benefit the clients too.

2. Sleep. I used to be able to sleep 4 – 5 hours a day and work as usual. Now if I sleep just 6 hours a day, I feel sleepy by 4pm. There’s got to be some way or something I can take to get back to the 4-hours sleep lifestyle.

3. Whine. Although my outlook of life is more positive now, I still succumb to the occasional whining and complaining. I think it’s putting a halt in my otherwise very positive ‘chi’.


The things I need to do more of in the next year are:

1. EXERCISE! Especially pilates.

2. BLOG! I have created this nice blog, with a proper domain name etc, and completely neglect it. There is so much stuff I’d love to share with the world, and I should work harder at finding time to do it.

3. Balanced lifestyle. Spending all of my waking hours working can’t be good for me or my clients cause I’ll most likely lose focus (heck I might lose my mind completely) Hopefully with some careful delegation next year, I can do everything I want to do, and create more streams of income.


Three things I need to stop doing completely next year:

I don’t think there’s anything I’m doing that’s so damaging that I need to stop doing completely. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, and I’m only friends with people I actually like. I think I’m good ;p


Three reasons I didn’t achieve my goals this year are:

1. I wanted to go to Paris, but my finances weren’t that great and work just got super crazy after I ventured out on my own.

2. I wanted to buy an apartment, but again, my finances weren’t that great.

3. I wanted to exercise more but there’s no TIME!!!


Three reasons I wanna achieve these goals are:

1. Who wouldn’t wanna go to Paris? ;p

2. I want to have my own place where I can be naked all day long without worrying that my landlady might walk in on me

3. I want to look good in case someone does walk in on me (Kidding!)


Smartest decision I made last year:



Biggest risk I took last year:

Quitting my job


One sentence that sums up this past year:

It is a completely chaotic roller-coaster ride which I would ride over and over again ;D


One year from right now, I want my ideal day to look like this:

Laying down by the beach, listening to the waves, and reading a book (not on my iPad, but a real physical book), while drinking fresh fruit juice.

That, of course, is the ultimate dream lah. But coming back down to earth, I’d be pretty pleased with myself if my day starts early with me doing yoga/pilates in the morning (in my own apartment with my own mirrored wall), have a healthy breakfast, start work and get all the important things out of the way by noon, catch up with friends over lunch, shopping/spa/facial in the afternoon, catch up with friends over dinner, check up on work again, curl up in bed watching a movie/tv series and sleep before 12am. *fingers crossed*


This is something not included in the worksheet but I think it’s also important for me to review the people in my life.

I’d like to thank Grace Chuah and Claudia Sibert, who (had no choice but to) listened to me complain about work and life to no ends and spent quality time with me which has kept me sane; Rheanna Tse, who was there for me although she’s always jetting off to some far-away countries; David Wang, who gave me a lot of good advice as I was starting out and was the reason why I was capable of setting up this self-hosted blog with no help from anyone; Colin Charles, who believed in me and indirectly started me on my track to being self-employed; Evo Ooi, who is always just a tweet/whatsapp/bbm/email away to make me laugh; Mike Foong, who’s almost like my advisor, Jeff Teh, who always makes me smile just by his sheer enthusiasm in life; Edina Dizdarevic, who has been a wonderful and supportive friend and a confidante in times of need; Paolo Delfino, who very generously referred a few clients; Sue Wern, who has housed me a few times while I was in Singapore; Aaron Ho, who was with me on my first ever flight; June Pang, who’s like my surrogate mother in KL; Lara Hassan, who still makes an effort to be in touch; Christine Chua, Starbucks, dinner & movie buddy together with Aaron Ho; Jonathan Chan, who’s lovely Facebook updates can be quite inspiring at times (while naughty the rest of the time); and to the rest of you which I can’t specifically attribute how you have impacted me, you guys have nevertheless left a mark in my life in the past year: Su Yin, Jackie Miao, Yee Chee, Jay Mee, Li Fang, Yogaretnam, Erin Wong, Akmal JaafarVernon Chan, Edwin Yeo, Yvonne ChongFarah Alia, Rebecca Saw, Daniel CerVentus, Andy Gan and Chris Tock - thanks for being such lovely friends!

Cheers to 2012!

PS: I might miss out some people. If I do, it’s not cause I don’t value you, it’s just that my brain’s really scattered lately ;p